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Motor Repair and Installation

Do you want to open your driveway gate manually in Summer and Winter time, in rain and snow days? Then how about when your gate goes on a slopping land or its weight is over 200 lbs? ArcTech Residential and Commercial Service team can offer an professional solution to let you jump out of that!

ArcTech Manufacture service team is able to make a new concrete track base for your gates. Usually other concrete guys only make 4″ deep and 6″ wide only for the track base, even that they build that without any rebars in to reduce the cost. ArcTech can compete the qulity with any other customers. We make the track base a foot deep and foot wide with 2 level of rebars to give our customers solid work at an affordable price.

ArcTech Manufacture service team can put a new wire for gate openers, sliding or double swing openers! No matter how far it is away from the power source, how difficult it will go across, we for sure put it down into the ground in the safest way, and keep your landscaping the same as before!

ArcTech Manufacture opener installation team carry over couple of brands of Electrical Openers, such as BS-CAN, GR6, BZ1000, CAME, GR100/300, PK06 and PW320, which come from China or Italy. Whatever sliding openers or double swing openers, we give you more choice with high quality as well as 2-year full service warranty!

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