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Commercial Products and Services

ArcTech Manufacture company has been providing services for Commercial Services since 2006 on Steel, Aluminum and Sheet Metal Fabrications, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Railings, Security Bars and Enclosure Gates. Our mission is to provide products and services on quality, time and budget.

ArcTech’s certified welders have industrial experience on pipe line building, hot/cold water line setting, on site mobile welding, commercial pipe welding.

We are using professional architectual software such as AutoCAD and Solidworks to achieve accurate dimensions for custom made products. Our samples and Photoshop mockups will help you visualise the products and meet your requirement. Contact us.

ArcTech’s Featured Services:

☆ Steel, Aluminum and Sheet Metal Fabrication
☆ Stainless Steel Fences
☆ Aluminum and Glass Railing
☆ Chain Link Fence, Security Fence
☆ Garbage dumpster Enclosure
☆ Security Bollards and Barriers
☆ Security Bars and Gates
☆ Aluminum Flashing and Corner Caps
☆ Awnings and Canopies
☆ Provide all kinds of Metal Frames
☆ On site Railing Repairing
☆ Garbage gate Repairing
☆ Painting
☆ Drywall Repairing
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