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Aluminum Railing & Fences

ArcTech Manufacture provides full railing services for residential dwelling in Vancouver for over 6 years. Not only Aluminum railings with various decorations, but also the basic simple metal railings, wherever mounted on stone/cement base between two posts, or posted directly into ground on the grass, all can improve your property finishing, and keep the dog out of the backyard grass!

ArcTech Manufacture offers huge range of color for powder coating: White, Beige, Silver, Brown, Gray and Black. Customer also can select other prefered colors too, such as Red, Yellow, Blue, and Texture Black.
ArcTech’s metal railing quality comes from overall Acid Washing, Power Washing, even Powder Coating and double check. however big or however small the project, we keep our quality!

ArcTech can understand how rush the work is for you and promise to finish your work within 3~10 days after putting the order! No job is too big, no job is too small! ArcTech accepts all kinds of orders even one piece job. Custom design and pick-up jobs are available!

Metal Stairs and Metal Handrails are provides by ArcTech Manufacture.

How to make a Self Estimate?

Simply tap measure your full sizes of Deck or Balcony following the picture, and then Contact Us by email or phone, tell us what the sizes are, what kind of style you want to choose and how you want your Glass Railing to be mounted, Facially or on the top of surface! When you do the self estimate for your stairs, only need to tell us the length! That it is! We can let you know how much will it cost instantly! FREE!

ArcTech’s Featured Services:

☆ Install Aluminum and Steel Railings
☆ Install Chain Link Fence, Security Fence
☆ Install Security Bars and Gates
☆ Install Aluminum and Steel Stairs
☆ Build Stone or Cement Posts
☆ Provide all kinds of Metal Frames
☆ Repaint Aluminum and Steel Railings
☆ On site Railing Repaire
☆ House paint

Commonly used models: Contact Us for more styles!